Careers at Massive Mobility

We are creating a fully Electric Mobility Ecosystem

Hardware and Software Specialist

We are looking for an outstanding software developer interested in applying creativity and a broad skill-set toward building cutting-edge software for a next-generation electric vehicle charging platform.

  • What we are looking for is high energy engineers at multiple levels.
  • If you have a background in Electric Vehicle Charging / BMS/ AC- DC digital power conversion(48v/120v, 3.3 Kwh to 15 Kw); Embedded software Matlab, C, C++

Detailed Job Description


  • Develop business logic as well communication protocols on Linux platform running on multi core ARM SoC.
  • Participate in development of local and distributed control and management subsystems for next generation high capacity AC and DC charger targeted towards fleet.
  • Collaborate cross-functionally and globally with hardware and cloud engineering teams to define specifications, features, and APIs.
  • Play active role in improving internal software engineering process like diagnostic, test automation and build process


  • Strong expertise in data structure and algorithms
  • Strong expertise in C++ and OOPS concepts
  • Strong expertise in IPC
  • Working knowledge of C and shell scripts
  • Desirable to have knowledge of Design Principles and Design Patterns SOLID principles, Architectural Patterns (Layered, n-Tier, Microservices) Design Patterns like Singleton, Factory, Builder, Adaptor, Command, Observer, strategy
  • Familiarity of computer architecture (RISC, Pipelining, Data/Address Bus)
  • Familiarity of Operating System concepts like Process, thread, schedular, memory management
  • Familiarity with Linux build tool chain
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Facial and gesture recognition using tensorflow and openCV is a plus


  • B.Tech/B.E/M.Tech/M.E in Computer Science Engineering or equivalent.

At Massive Mobility , we value resourcefulness, excellence, speed and hustle. Our Core culture is al about  

  • Respect – For self, colleagues, customers, investors, competition and environment.  
  • We respect Speed  : We expect you to run as fast as you can and not ask permission.  If you are going too fast, we will tell you. The little things matter.  
  • We have a bias towards action : The best ideas are the one that get executed 
  • We go deeper and deeper:  Every team member operate at all level, stay connected to the details., ask questions and validate with data. No task is beneath anyone.  
  • We are more than work : We take our work seriously and intensely, but have many interests beyond work