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Climate Angels is proud to back SolarSquare and join them in their journey of solving the pressing issues of Climate Change https://t.co/Cb0eViSgHS via @techcrunch
India is likely to see 48K additional EV chargers at investment of Rs 14,000 crore over next 3-4 years

EV penetration is expected to increase in 2- and 3-wheeler as well as bus segments. Here, expansion of EV-charging infra will play a critical role.

Global Electric Vehicle Charging Station Market projected to grow from 2,354 thousand units in 2022 to 14,623 thousand units by 2027.

Rising sales of EVs around the world, and growing demand for zero emission transport are reasons for boost in demand.

Delhi Govt releases charging guide to ease EV adoption in residential areas, which will help Delhiites get step-by-step instructions on how to install charging points for electric vehicles on their premises.

Guidebook addresses common concerns of RWAs.

Electric vehicles have finally started penetrating Indian market! In last 4 months, EV charging stations have expanded by 2.5 times across 9 megacities, including Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai. About 940 of India's 1,640 public EV chargers are in these cities.


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