Create an Electric Mobility Ecosystem

Massive is building next stack of technologies to drive adoption of EV faster


Founded in 2019, Massive is building the next stack of technologies in Charging, Retailing and Finance through the security and charging layer with a focus on two and three-wheelers.

We are looking for exceptional engineers who are passionate about creating world-class products in India and driving the customer experience through sheer engineering

We have the following openings which are live so apply for that, however, if there is no open position matching your profile but you have a strong interest in EV and wish to explore, please click here to reach out to us and we will come back to you as we are always looking for exceptional candidates with a passion for EVs.

Open Roles



Sales & Marketing

Sales ExecutiveExp 2+ years

Content & Design

UI/UX DesignerExp 1+ years

SEO SpecialistExp 3+ years

Video JournalistExp 1+ years

Content WriterExp 1+ years

Graphic DesignerExp 1+ years

Accounts & Operations


How do I get in touch?

You can fill in the form link given in each job, or however, if there is no open position matching your profile but you have strong interest in EV and wish to explore the possibility of working with Massive, please write to

What exactly is Massive doing?

We are building a dense charging network of fast and slow chargers which are connected with vehicle and battery. We are also building IOT driven battery and charging layer to create a superior security for unique Indian conditions.

Have you raised any money?

Yes. We have raised couple of million of dollars and happy to tell about it on phone.

Do you hire interns?

Yes, all the time. Do fill the form for interns or write to us at

What’s the interview process like?

At Massive, we do a quick 30/40 minute call to get a sense of things and to ensure that we have basic fitment.

Post basic fitment evaluation, there are two options

  1. A short-term assignment / test to assess your skill level and give you a sense of work profile at Massive
  2. The second option (preferred option) and if that’s feasible, is to work together for 6-8 weeks on a project (yes, you will be paid whatever you think is fair). This exercise will give a fair idea to you and to us about future possibilities.

What will be the future road map for Massive?

EVs are at the breakout phase and will soon be mainstream. At Massive, we want to be enabler for EV adaption and hence we are working on building of charging ecosystem, battery security that will help OEMs to launch and support their EVs in any city or town of India. We are already working ( or signed agreements) with almost every OEM of sizeable capacity.

Massive Culture values (An abridged version)

At Massive, we value resourcefulness, excellence, speed and hustle. Our Core culture is al about

  • Respect – For self, colleagues, customers, investors, competition and environment.
  • We respect Speed : We expect you to run as fast as you can and not ask permission. If you are going too fast, we will tell you. The little things matter.
  • We have a bias towards action : The best ideas are the one that get executed
  • We go deeper and deeper: Every team member operate at all level, stay connected to the details., ask questions and validate with data. No task is beneath anyone.
  • We are more than work : We take our work seriously and intensely, but have many interests beyond work